Monday, March 7, 2016

Pathfinder Power Playing: Swiss Army Knife of Characters

This build first came to me when I first got the book ultimate magic at the time I didn't quite get it yet but I sure do now.  The ability to snap your fingers and make a +5 dagger appear was, yes awesome for third level but not as good as other things at that level.  When I applied the concept of using the enhancement bonus for other enhancements such as bane ghost touch or flaming it opened up a whole new can of worms you could literally do just about anything damage wise.  When I looked at it I shortly came up with a way to do 6d6 damage and at third level that is nothing to shrug at and you could easily find a number of applications to use it.

Image result for magical daggerWhen pulling this off you need to remember that one of the downsides of many magic items is that you wont always need them.  Take bane for example if I had an Aberration bane sword and we just encountered some constructs then it isn't going to matter so it might as well be one enhancement level lower and then be underpowered for the situation however if i could make it change on demand or make a new bane sword for each enemy then I would all of a sudden make bane overpowered and easily beat enemies faster and better.  now I know you want the secret well what you have to do is take the spellblade magus archetype and then take the pool sourced athame the first chance you get because you can easily spend 5 points in your arcane pool to get his majestic weapon that I speak of.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Topplegeist is a build named after the magic the gathering card I got the idea from and it is mainly based on causing as many disruptions as possible and leaving unharmed.  The card itself had had some hilarious flavor to it it was just a ghost that went around knocking stuff over then going crazy and knocking everything over not that threatening, but shall I remind you of the prone condition and the spell grease which makes life impossible.  This is an experimental build and very early in development and may be a lot like the executioner build I came up with before, but it will have a few differences.  For example it will be true to the flavor of it because it will be based primarily on knocking stuff over and then taking advantage of that, for example the prone condition or another impeding condition.
an image of topplegeist

When making This build you are going to need trip attacks, escape plans and the overall ability for causing mischief.  One helpful spell will be grease, this spell will ignore your need from trip attacks and make it easier to avoid damage.  You could also use the spell fabricate bullets to turn your enemies weapon into bullets.  last but not least you can use windy escape to as the name would suggest "escape"