Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Luck Winner

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The luck winner was a build I came up with when I was feeling a bit of burn out for pathfinder it is based off of having a bunch of buffs that can be applied as an immediate action it is like other builds of mine incomplete it needs to be absolutely filled with last minute buffs to work.  This is not a power player build to just hit hard and limit the options of your enemies it is based off of surviving to the next encounter as narrowly as it may be.  This is not meant to be the hero of the campaign it is just meant to be the guy who tags along and ends up having the most xp in the end.  

Any-who I know your waiting on the edge of your seat for me to give you an answer and hear it is basically when I started this build I was going for a halfling with the adaptive luck ability with fates favored faith traits which would give you three last minute +3 bonuses and then you select a class that can give you more last minute buffs I happened to find Magus with the spell shield arcana and feel pretty satisfied, but you may find something better and if you do please leave me some info on it down in the comments.  Basically how the spell shield ability works is you can as an immediate action get a bonus to your armor class equivalent to your intelligence modifier which I'll admit is marvelous and can get you out of a lot believe me.  When you replicate this build you need to keep one thing in mind survivability, this character build needs survivability and will not always be the hands down victor of the party he just needs to last longer and get the xp and the more xp you have the better you are right?

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  1. Highly detailed post. You include a lot of voice in your writing. Be sure to punctuate your sentences! --RW