Monday, February 8, 2016

Pathfinder Power Playing: The Executioner

The first blog will be about a build I started working on recently, The Executioner.  This build is based off of using a bunch of cheap items to provide an array of De-buffs whether it be the entangled condition shaken condition or the sickened condition these conditions will make it easier to beat an opponent and easier to level quickly.

This build first came to me when I was watching the anime Hunter X Hunter when a character kurapika used chains to restrain enemies this character was using aura based chains as a way of restraining enemies before going in for the kill.  When I was originally trying to figure out how to use this effectively I was not properly equipped to handle the situation, but as all things do my lack of knowledge followed suit.  Much more recently I was playing a game called smite with a friend of mine and I took notice of a particular character modeled after the Greek god of war Ares.  This heralded the dusting off of the old idea and with recently accumulated new pathfinder books I was ready to master the build.  
Image result for kurapika hunter x hunter images
this is the image of kurapika who I mentioned earlier

Well now it is time to get to the down and dirty of this and actually tell you how to master this build

step 1 race: any race is compatible with this build some more than others and while you may find a preference you will always be able to play it with another race

Step 2 class: This is once again a very fluid build but I would probably limit it down to the Inquisitor and Magus class to begin with due to their close combat based attributes and their ability to cast spells and since spells can typically provoke negetive conditions 

Step 3 Skills: Any skills that can apply De-buffs are useful bluff and intimidate are two good ones 

As a conclusion I hope you have a great time with this new build and drive you Game Masters crazy

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