Monday, February 22, 2016

Pathfinder Power playing: Goblin Hit and Run

Well as the name suggests this build is based off of using a goblin with an uncanny ability to use hit and run tactics which on their own are hard enough to make in the game of Pathfinder this build uses a goblin and several feats to get rid of tough enemies

Image result for pathfinder goblin withThis build first came to me when I had seen the goblin feat tangle feet which would remove an enemies dexterity bonus to AC.  This added with the use of a firearm and you'll hit just about anything regardless of their armor or dexterity.  This bonus uses some of the obvious feats coming from  the necessary feat tree as well as the needed bonuses something to take under advisement is never use this build against a size category large creature because they have reach which will stop you from using the typical tactic unless you have the needed speed buffs.

this is an image of a goblin

Well I know you want this information now so allow me to give it to you.  You'll need to be a goblin for starters and then you'll need to be a fighter to get the feats in any reasonable pace and then you'll need the feats: dodge, mobility, spring attack, underfoot and last but not least tangle feet.  This build will allow you to hit most everything and mostly nothing will hit you so you wont need much for hit points and as far as dexterity and the acrobatics skill goes you will need those to be as hefty as possible and the only thing you should put in front of it is the feats above and your class.  With this build you need to begin you movement outside an enemy square and then head in to get them with tangle feet and then hit them with you weapon and go out of their reach turning that AC bonus from your mobility and underfoot into the only one you'll need because even if your acrobatics roll was botched your looking at at least an AC of of 22 and that's with no armor (of course this is not ideal and i would recommend getting at least an harmaki which does give you  low bonus but its better than nothing).  Also if you want to use a firearm you'll need to be higher level but I highly recommend   Last but not least you should never go after an enemy without a change in tactic if you are going to use this build unless you move oddly fast you will ge wrecked.

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